Sunday, July 8, 2007

Slumpt and Drunked and hypnotized.

I was going to post a story I wrote about Charlie Brown, but I think posting a story in a blog is just as obnoxious as forcing yr friends to read yr writing. It puts me in a tough spot. So I'll tell you this, I went to Gusoloine Alley last night and drank too much. As far as this blog is concerned that last sentence could be every entry in it's entirety. But who knows about the future, so lets just say "I went to Gusoline Alley last night and drank too much" covers everything that happened up until this point. At Gusoline Alley I ran in to John Tenney who was explaining things again. I should just be quiet when he talks, my interjections are useless and generally irrelevant. But anywho, he was telling me about hypnotizing people, so I'm gonna try to put people to sleep today at wyrk. The idea is that you take something so ordinary and so predictable as a handshake and change it so it throws people so completely off guard that they are open to suggestion, sleep. SLEEP! It's gonna be wild, and by wild I mean not much of anything at all. But you gotta reach for the stars you know? I'm so sick of being hungover, every day the first 4-6 hours is all puke and shit. Puke and shit. Fuck it I was doing real well for a while, I think I'll start doing real well again soon. I've been writing. Shit, I gotta get on this FAFSA stuff and get to wyrk and sling those jeans! Goodhunting.

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