Thursday, July 19, 2007

Deerhunter and Bari status update

I'll make this brief.
I saw Deerhunter play the magic stick with The Ponys and Jay Reatard. I'll break it down like this.

Jay Reatard: Missed them, they where described to me as some loud punk stuff. I downloaded Blood Visions and loved the record, I am super pissed I missed them. They are loud punk stuff. And a little bit more.

The Ponys : They are ok, with a tendency to suck.

Deerhunter : Was swell, mostly blurry. I think most of that had to do with me though. After the show I think I creeped out some of the guys in the band by wandering back stage and asking why they didn't like the old album. It was a blast.

Bari A. Khan : I am largely dissatisfied with my life right now and feel completely stagnant, irritated and alone. Trips to Chicago and seeing old friends from Atlanta only further reiterate these feelings. And with that I'm going to poor my self a Johnny Walker Black on ice. Also I can't find a notepad so I haven't written anything down in a while. I did get some nice new shoes though.

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