Thursday, July 19, 2007

Deerhunter and Bari status update

I'll make this brief.
I saw Deerhunter play the magic stick with The Ponys and Jay Reatard. I'll break it down like this.

Jay Reatard: Missed them, they where described to me as some loud punk stuff. I downloaded Blood Visions and loved the record, I am super pissed I missed them. They are loud punk stuff. And a little bit more.

The Ponys : They are ok, with a tendency to suck.

Deerhunter : Was swell, mostly blurry. I think most of that had to do with me though. After the show I think I creeped out some of the guys in the band by wandering back stage and asking why they didn't like the old album. It was a blast.

Bari A. Khan : I am largely dissatisfied with my life right now and feel completely stagnant, irritated and alone. Trips to Chicago and seeing old friends from Atlanta only further reiterate these feelings. And with that I'm going to poor my self a Johnny Walker Black on ice. Also I can't find a notepad so I haven't written anything down in a while. I did get some nice new shoes though.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Anybody remember J. Paul?

Well here is his blog
That Budd Dwyer shit is gory.

Bari Fuct his Mom! Say What? Yeah!

7th grade, I was coming of an unpopular girlfriend free, kickflipless, poser suspect 6th grade and many of these conditions followed me in to the 7th making that year just as oppressive as the first But then during Christmas brake of 7th grade things turned around for me, I kissed a girl! With tongues! Twice even maybe! The problem is that it happened in Atlanta. So imagine this, the unpopular girlfriend free, kickflipless, poser suspect comes back and tells everybody about the unverifiable action he got when he was out of town... So I didn't attempt to tell a lot of people about it knowing that there would be doubts and further mocking, but I did confide in my loser buddy. He was my loser buddy and he was a fink, an opportunist and a scoundrel. He decided to take this as an opportunity to elevate himself in the popularity ladder. Bari kissed a girl with tongues, twice even maybe! Turned in to, Bari fuct his mom. Independently he would not of had the influence to spread this rumor, but one very popular upper echelon girl decided to confer with her popular coven and launch an investigation about it. The investigation went as follows.
Tell everybody I fuct my mom in Atlanta. And then approach me with around 5 other girls smiling brightly and anxiously. They interrogated me. The dialouge went something like this:
Popular girls "So Bari, I heard you fuct yr mom in Atlanta when you were both drunk..."
An outraged flustered unpopular Bari replied "Yeah, that's right I fuct my mom, fuck you..."
The sarcasm was noted but ignored for the sake of momentum. At that point they fled the scene cackling and shouting "Oh my god! He admitted it! He admitted it!"...
At the time the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover of "Roller Coaster of Love" was popular and some genius wyrd smiths came up with the Weird Al wyrthy parody...."Bari Fuct His Mom, Say What? Yeah! His mom was like a roller coaster baby, baby, I want to ride...."

Epilogue: This went on for a bit. I eventually rebounded by buying a Specials shirt before anybody else and was admitted in to the Kame Kool Krew (The good KKK). I actually had a girlfriend for around 3 hours in the eighth grade, and when she had her friend call and brake up with me I scoffed which was misinterpreted as crying which launched another series of rumors which I eventually overturned.
The Fink Loser friend, is still a fink loser. But not my friend.
The popular girl who spread the rumor is doing very well for her self in Chicago and took her go getter attitude and investigative abilities in to the wyrld of journalism.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'll Drink A Million Beers, Fuck You!

"I'll drink a million beers, fuck you!"That was the last little scribble in my notepad last night. ?? till self destruct.

Killing concern with regret.

Christ I'm fucking bored. Even when I'm in school I'm bored. There is a certain oppressive notion about the future. I'm waiting for some sort of catalyst, some miracle. I just can't imagine a wyrld where I help my self in to good fortune. I just watched that SiCKO movie, it was miserable. It wasn't shit, but it was miserable. I'm skeptic and lazy, and that means I want to believe but I know better. Which leaves me some sort of lazy half-enlightened. I'm an idiot playing genius. I wonder how quick I will erase this tomorrow. No bother, nobody reads this besides me.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Sorry, I love yr chicken.

Try to say I wyrk at Chicken Shack with a sense of optimism.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Slumpt and Drunked and hypnotized.

I was going to post a story I wrote about Charlie Brown, but I think posting a story in a blog is just as obnoxious as forcing yr friends to read yr writing. It puts me in a tough spot. So I'll tell you this, I went to Gusoloine Alley last night and drank too much. As far as this blog is concerned that last sentence could be every entry in it's entirety. But who knows about the future, so lets just say "I went to Gusoline Alley last night and drank too much" covers everything that happened up until this point. At Gusoline Alley I ran in to John Tenney who was explaining things again. I should just be quiet when he talks, my interjections are useless and generally irrelevant. But anywho, he was telling me about hypnotizing people, so I'm gonna try to put people to sleep today at wyrk. The idea is that you take something so ordinary and so predictable as a handshake and change it so it throws people so completely off guard that they are open to suggestion, sleep. SLEEP! It's gonna be wild, and by wild I mean not much of anything at all. But you gotta reach for the stars you know? I'm so sick of being hungover, every day the first 4-6 hours is all puke and shit. Puke and shit. Fuck it I was doing real well for a while, I think I'll start doing real well again soon. I've been writing. Shit, I gotta get on this FAFSA stuff and get to wyrk and sling those jeans! Goodhunting.